Celebrate Our People

In August, 2009, the homes of at least 17,000 people in Port Harcourt, Nigeria were reduced to rubble by a government claiming to transform the area into a ‘garden city.’ Two years later, the site remains derelict. People across the city are coming together to transform their home into a ‘human city’ and are inviting the government to join them.

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Join Our Campaign

Your support matters. It can help change a city. Find out how and show your solidarity with the people of Port Harcourt’s waterfronts and send a strong message to the government.

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Transform Our City

The people of Port Harcourt waterfronts want to end illegal demolition and create a livable city. Through careful planning and partnerships our city can evolve and be shaped by the people that matter most,
those that live there.

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What you can do

There are a number of really simple ways you can get involved and support the people of Port Harcourt’s waterfronts. Follow our campaign’s progress and join the conversation via Facebook or Twitter, or add your photo to our solidarity wall.

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